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Python, Be Bold!

On Fri, 3 Jan 2020, 23:49 Barry Scott, <barry at> wrote:

> I'm at a lose to understand what the problem is that zipapp is the
> solution to that is not better served
> with pip or PyInstall etc.

Well proposing to enhance zipapp, by adding app metadata and signing. By
pip i understand you mean pure python distribution. Well, an enhanced
zipapp's advantage would be smaller codebase and easy injection detection
among others + the improving the ability to prevent reverse engineering for
those who want it.

Comparing to native executable well, one thing is program size. You must
have the interpreter on the machine but your program is lighter. 10 python
programs does not mean inclung 10? the interpreter. The proposal also
proposes enhancement to the interpreter to make it more non-programmer
friendly. Also, you must have a dist for every different Os.

Python, Be Bold captures the spirit of it should not be a shame to have the
interpreter/VM installed on end-users machines. It also facilitates the
work of other python devs. You installed it because of one Python program,
other programs benefit from it. It also proposes enhancements to the VM to
better facilitate that.