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Python, Be Bold!

On Fri, 3 Jan 2020, 00:33 Chris Angelico, <rosuav at> wrote:

> A jar is just an archive of Java class files. It's approximately
> equivalent to a zip file of .pyc files.

Exactly the idea, that's why i said zipapp might be a good candidate

No, but there are package managers for Windows and Mac too. (I don't
> think there's any first-party package manager for Macs, but there are
> some very popular third-party ones eg Homebrew.)
> ...
> And that's the problem: the single-file executable requires you to
> bundle everything, update it yourself, and duplicate all the code
> everywhere.
> Using a package manager means you have ONE copy of the Python
> interpreter, and all your scripts depend on it. If you update that
> interpreter, ALL scripts benefit from the update. This is a solved
> problem.

I am not proposing native executables, but a .jar like executable. The term
executable refers to one click run.