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Python, Be Bold!

On Fri, Jan 3, 2020 at 6:39 AM Abdur-Rahmaan Janhangeer
<arj.python at> wrote:
> Having a Python-specific executable allows you to go to whatever length you
> desire to make project bundling an easy task. The other effort is to get
> your interpreter/VM running on as many hardwares as possible. This includes
> the effort to make it lighter, faster etc. It might entails the complete
> removal of 3rd party packaging interpreter side or not using it when
> running the specific executable.
> I believe Python should be able to run on any device. I believe that my
> Python code should go everywhere. It pains me to see a project not choosing
> Python as an add-on scripting language due to the size of the interpreter
> or things of the sort.

What do you mean by "Python-specific executable"?

Your Python code can go anywhere if you package it up in, say, a .deb
or .rpm, and then just depend on a Python interpreter of appropriate
version. You can allow your users to manage their own updates so long
as it's within the dependency range you have chosen to support. I
don't understand how "run on any device" relates to "automatically
update the Python interpreter", but it's still a solved problem: *use
a package manager*.