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Python, Be Bold!

On Wed, Jan 1, 2020 at 1:24 AM Abdur-Rahmaan Janhangeer
<arj.python at> wrote:
> Greetings list,
> I wanted to make some suggestion about the Python interpreter but since
> it's more high-level, i decided to post it here instead of python-ideas.
> Well, concerning distributing Python apps, a natural way is to compile to
> native executables. But, another way is to have a python-specific
> executable which specifically requires the Python interpreter to be
> installed on the system. To that end, i propose
> -- Self-updating Python distributions
> -- Distributions which notify about new releases
> -- Easy compilation to python-specific executable (.pyz is a good candidate)
> -- More robust native Gui facilities
Speaking as just a very newbie very unskilled computer programmer I can tell
you that if Python decided to go to self-updating that that would be
the day that
I stopped using Python. Why?

I spent a considerable amount of time investigating containers and when it
became clear that the version that I was looking into had forced me into
accepting this self-updating I tried to figure out a way to 'control'
that feature.
I won't bore you with the whole mess but the end result was that the only way
that I could regain control over my computer - - - - I couldn't even
delete major
parts of that subsystem - - - - well it was a complete reinstall.

That, imo a very very M$ solution is something I spent many hours trying NOT
to do so anything that wants to take me to such again - - - - it will
get dropped.

To the powers that be - - - - please do NOT program Python to be