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upgrading python on raspbian

On 10/14/19 8:52 AM, Gene Heskett wrote:
> I think thats the obvious path forward. Once ported, we don't have to 
> worry about that legacy stuff for two or 3 generations of linux. 

A worthy goal and I'm sure the LinuxCNC folk would be grateful for
contributions.  Be aware that porting the python code is only half the
problem, though. In order to make it work with Python 3, you'll have to
also address the embedding issue. Python is interconnected with LinuxCNC
through some generated bindings to C and also C++ code.  I'm not sure
what they used for the C++ bindings, maybe boost?  There was some
discussion of this on the bug tracker and it looks like a fairly major
undertaking.  See this year-old discussion:

Whatever you do, you probably will want to discuss it on the github
issue tracker to make sure efforts aren't duplicated.