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Which PyQt-compatible, performant graphing library should I use?


Currently I'm making a statistics tool for a game I'm playing with PyQt5. I'm not happy with my current graphing library though. In the beginning I've used matplotlib, which was way too laggy for my use case. Currently I have pyqtgraph, which is snappy, but is missing useful features.

The Python graphing library selection is overwhelming, which is why I'm asking here for a recommendation.

Things that I need the library to support:

* PyQt5 integration
* plot layout in a grid
* performant navigation
* scatter plots, simple and stacked bar charts

Things that I don't strictly *require*, but would be really useful:

* log scale support (specifically for y-axis)
* tooltip support, or alternatively click callback support
* plot legend
* datetime axes support (like in matplotlib)
* configurable colors, scatter spot sizes, bar widths, etc.

Here are some screenshots how my application currently looks like with pyqtgraph:

I would be really grateful for some recommendations!