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Formatting floating point

On 5/09/19 5:12 AM, Dave via Python-list wrote:

> My question is why, and where do I find a reliable source of information 
> on formatting numbers?? Not interested in replacement values like '{} 
> {}'.format(1, 2).

Agreed: there's ton(ne)s of information 'out there', much of it old, eg 
Python2, "formatter" (deprecated since v3.4), methods pre-dating 
f-strings, etc; and more of it rather casually thrown-out-there. 
Learning from StackOverflow (etc) has its limits/perils!

Authoritative Python docs:
The "Mini-Language":

Current advice (v3.6+) is to study the newer f-strings (formally 
"formatted string literals"): which came from PEP 

Regards =dn