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[nova][dev] 3 weeks until feature freeze

Howdy all,

We've about 3 weeks left until feature freeze milestone s-3 on March 7:

Non-client library freeze is in 2 weeks February 28, so if you need 
changes released in Stein for os-vif, os-traits, or os-resource-classes, 
they need to be merged by Feb 28 and the releases will be proposed on 
Feb 28. Ping us if you need review.

I've updated the blueprint status tracking etherpad:

For our Cycle Themes:

Multi-cell operational enhancements:

The patch series for the API microversion for handling of down cells on 
the nova side has all been approved as of today. Only the 
python-novaclient change remains. Counting quota usage from placement is 
still an active WIP. Cross-cell resize is still making good progress 
with active code review.

Compute nodes able to upgrade and exist with nested resource providers
for multiple vGPU types:

The libvirt driver reshaper patch has been updated today but needs some 
fixes for unit test failures.

Volume-backed user experience and API improvement:

The detach boot volume and volume-backed server rebuild patches are 
active WIP.

If you are the owner of an approved blueprint, please:

* Add the blueprint if I've missed it
* Update the status if it is not accurate
* If your blueprint is in the "Wayward changes" section, please upload
and update patches as soon as you can, to allow maximum time for review
* If your patches are noted as Merge Conflict or WIP or needing an
update, please update them and update the status on the etherpad
* Add a note under your blueprint if you're no longer able to work on it
this cycle

Let us know if you have any questions or need assistance with your