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[kolla] Proposing Michal Nasiadka to the core team


On Fri, Feb 15, 2019 at 5:18 AM Eduardo Gonzalez <dabarren at> wrote:

> Hi, is my pleasure to propose Michal Nasiadka for the core team in
> kolla-ansible.
> Michal has been active reviewer in the last relases (
>, has
> been keeping an eye on the bugs and being active help on IRC.
> He has also made efforts in community interactions in Rocky and Stein
> releases, including PTG attendance.
> His main interest is NFV and Edge clouds and brings valuable couple of
> years experience as OpenStack/Kolla operator with good knowledge of Kolla
> code base.
> Planning to work on extending Kolla CI scenarios, Edge use cases and
> improving NFV-related functions ease of deployment.
> Consider this email as my +1 vote. Vote ends in 7 days (22 feb 2019)
> Regards
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