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[all][ops] Ops Meetup Agenda Planning - Berlin Edition

Hello All,

The time is rapidly approaching for the Ops Meetup in Berlin. In
preparation, we need your help developing the agenda. i put an [all]
tag on this because I'm hoping that anyone, not just ops, looking for
discussion and feedback on particular items might join in and suggest

It is not required that you attend the meetup to post session ideas.
If there is sufficient interest, we will hold the session and provide
feedback and etherpad links following the meetup.

Please insert your session ideas into this etherpad, add subtopics to
already proposed sessions, and +1 those that you are interested in.
Also please put your name, and maybe some contact info, at the bottom.
If you'd be willing to moderate a session, please add yourself to the
moderators list.

I'd like to give a big shout out to Deutsche Telekom for hosting us
and providing the catering. I look forward to seeing many of you in