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[infra][releases][requirements] Publishing per branch constraints files

On Thu, Feb 14, 2019 at 10:51:31PM -0500, Doug Hellmann wrote:

> We should be able to automate building the list of rules using a
> template in the releases repo, since we already have a list of all of
> the releases and their status there in
> deliverables/series_status.yaml. It may require adding something to
> source/ to load that data to make it available to the template.

I think it might be a little harder than that as we want
/constraints/upper/stein to switch from 'master' to stable/stein pretty
soon after the branch exists in openstack/requirements. Likewise we want
to switch from from the 'stable/newton' to newton-eol once that exists
(the redirect rules for newton are wrong).

So we might need to extract the data from the raw delieverable files

I'll try coding that up next week. Expect sphinx questions ;P
> Yeah, we should make sure redirects are enabled. I think we made that a
> blanket change when we did the docs redirect work, but possibly not.

So I used Rewrite rather then Redirect but I think for this I can switch
to the latter.

If I read system-config correctly[1,2,3] we don't enable Redirect on
releases.o.o but we could by switching to [4] but that has other
implications.  Currently http://releases.o.o/ 302's to https://...
If we switched to [4] that wouldn't happen.  So we might need a new
puppet template to combine them *or* we could allow .htaccess to
Override Redirect*

Yours Tony.

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