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[all][tc][foundation] looking for feedback on acceptance criteria for new open infrastructure projects

Claire posted this request to the foundation mailing list [1], but in case
any contributors are not subscribed there it seemed like a good idea to
mention it here on this list, too.

The OpenStack Foundation Board and staff are looking for feedback from
the community about the criteria used to approve new Open Infrastructure
Projects (the name for new top level projects under the foundation's
umbrella). Moving projects like Zuul, Airship, StarlingX, and Kata from
the pilot phase to be fully recognized projects is a big milestone for
our community, and it's important that everyone interested participate
in the conversation about defining the process and criteria for
accepting new projects.

Please take a few minutes to read Claire's email and review the etherpad
linked there in the next week or two, so that the Board will have your
input before their next meeting.