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[requirements][mistral] Add yamlloader to global requirements

Oleg Ovcharuk <vgvoleg at> writes:

> Hi! Can you please add yamlloader library to global requirements?
> It provides ability to preserve key order in dicts, it supports either
> python 2.7 and python 3.x, it provides better performance than built-in
> functions.
> Thank you.

The global requirements list is managed through the
openstack/requirements repository, and anyone is free to propose changes
there. The README.rst file at the top of the repository includes the
basic instructions, but feel free to post questions in the
#openstack-requirements IRC channel on freenode, too.

I think we're likely to need a longer conversation about why adding a
second parser is better than using PyYAML everywhere, whether we need to
try to transition, etc. so be prepared to answer those sorts of
questions in the review.