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[tripleo] Plan around switching Podman to default

Pacemaker provided by CentOS7 doesn't work with Podman, and only works with

Podman is already the default on the Undercloud, and this is fine, as we
don't deploy Pacemaker on this node.
However for the Overcloud, it causes problem as upstream is tested on
CentOS7 and downstream is being tested on RHEL8.

With that said, I propose that we:
- Keep Docker as the default on the Overcloud until CentOS8 is out.
- Switch downstream to use Podman on the Overcloud (since we run RHEL8 it's
- Switch all CI jobs except OVB to NOT deploy Pacemaker and switch to
- Once CentOS8 is out, we revert the downstream only patch and land it

Any feedback / concerns are welcome.
Emilien Macchi
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