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[infra][releases][requirements] Publishing per branch constraints files

Hi all,
    Back in the dim dark (around Sept 2017) we discussed the idea of
publishing the constraints files statically (instead of via gitweb)[1].

the TL;DR: it's nice to be able to use instead of in tox.ini

At the Dublin (yes Dublin) PTG Jim, Jeremy, Clark and I discussed how
we'd go about doing that.

The notes we have are at:

There was a reasonable ammount of discussion about merging and root-markers
which I don't recall and only barely understood at the time.

I have no idea how much of the first 3 items I can do vs calling on others.
I'm happy to do anything that I can ... is it reasonable to get this
done before RC1 (March 18th ish)[2]?

Yours Tony.

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