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[neutron] Switch port configuration with Neutron and Networking-Ansible

Hi Dan,

I'm working with a group of people on a project to create an
Ironic-based bare-metal leasing system.  As part of this system, we
would like to allow users and administrators to connect their hardware
to different VLAN networks that may span multiple switch ports.  We're
hoping to use Neutron and the appropriate plugins to accomplish this.

I've been testing out the Networking-Ansible ML2 Neutron driver to see
if it fits our needs.  The Python APIs available in the newest version
(such as configuring switch ports and VLANs) work well.  However, we
would like to use this ML2 driver directly for OpenStack CLI support.
In testing I've been able to create VLANs on a Nexus switch, but I
have not yet found a way through Neutron (via the Openstack CLI) to
change VLAN settings on switch ports (access or trunk).  I was able to
do this with the Python APIs, however.

I did see that the Networking-Ansible mechanism driver calls
bind_port() to change switch port configuration, but it's not clear if
the port information comes from static configuration or if Neutron
does have a way of reading it from the CLI.  Is this kind of switch
configuration by users and admins outside the scope of Neutron or this
Neutron driver?

I've included openstack-discuss in case anyone else has any comments.


- Ian


Ian Ballou


Red Hat

Boston, MA

iballou at