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[ironic] should console be renamed to seriale_console ?

Greetings Openstackers!

Currently ironic supports only one type of console:

The current implementation also gives as assumed the
support for just one type of console, but not that long
ago a spec to also support a graphical console type [1]
has been accepted and we're now close to see a first patch
with basic support merged [2].

With the introduction of the support for the graphical console,
the need to define a new parameter called "console_type"
has been recognized.

In practice, at the moment that would mean having "console"
and "graphical" as console types, which could result in a
confusing and in the end not correct implementation.

With this message I'd like to start a discussion on the
potential impact of the possible future renaming of everything
that currently involves the serial console from "console" to
"serial_console" or equivalent.