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[PTLs] Got unfinished business from Berlin?

Greetings, PTLs, cores or anyone on point for a key feature,

In an effort to make the feedback loop even stronger between the dev and
ops community, the UC is actively looking for any unfinished etherpads or
topics from the Berlin summit that need more Ops input.  We'd like to get
them proposed as potential topics at the upcoming Ops Meetup (strangely
enough back in Berlin) [1]

If you have something your dev team needs input on, please propose it here:
[2] so it can get voted on by the attendees and organizers.  There is a
section titled "Session Ideas" that you can list the topic in.  Feel free
to link an etherpad if one exists.

The UC will continue to push to tie discussions at forums/PTGs to those at
the Ops meetups and OpenStack Days - and vice versa.

Thanks in advance!


Matt Van Winkle
Senior Manager, Software Engineering | Salesforce
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