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[tripleo][openstack-ansible] collaboration on os_tempest role update X - Feb 12, 2019


Here is the 10th update (Feb 06 to Feb 12, 2019) on collaboration
on os_tempest[1] role between TripleO and OpenStack-Ansible projects.

This week we basically worked on clearing up/merging the existing patches like:
* For debugging networking issue for os_tempest, we have router ping
* Added telemetry tempest plugin support
* The os_tempest overview page got rewrite:
* Added use of user/password for secure image download

And from myside, not to much work as busy with ruck/rover on TripleO Side.

Things got merged
* Update all plugin urls to use https rather than git -
* venv: use inventory_hostname instead of ansible_hostname -
* Add telemetry distro plugin install for aodh -
* Add user and password for secure image download (optional) -
* Ping router once it is created -
* Improve overview subpage -

* Add tripleo-ci-centos-7-standalone-os-tempest job -

In Progress work:
* Use the correct heat tests -
* Add option to disable router ping -
* Add tempest_service_available_mistral with distro packages -
* Added tempest.conf for heat_plugin -

* Reuse the validate-tempest skip list in os_tempest -

Goal of this week:
* Unblock os_heat gate due to mpi4py dependency and other issue
* Complete skip list reuse on tripleo side

Thanks to jrosser, mnaser, odyssey4me, guilhermesp
on router_ping, os_heat help, arxcruz on reuse skip list &
mkopec for improving doc.

Here is the 9th update [2]. Have queries, Feel free to ping us on
#tripleo or #openstack-ansible channel.



Chandan Kumar