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[dev] [neutron] bug deputy report of the week of Feb 4

Hi neutrinos,

I was a bug deputy last week.
The last week was relatively quiet. The following

* Needs investigation
  * (New)
    [dev] Agent RPC version does not auto upgrade if neutron-server restart
  * ovsdbapp.exceptions.TimeoutException in functional tests (gate failure)

* In Progress
  * (Medium, In Progress)
    neutron doesnt delete port binding level when deleting an inactive port

* Incomplete
  * (Incomplete)
    Port gets port security disabled if using --no-security-groups
    I cannot reproduce it. Requesting the author more information.

    Code crash with invalid connection limit of listener
    neutron-lbaas bug needs to be filed to storyboard. I requested it to
the bug author and he/she filed it.

Best Regards,
Akihiro Motoki (irc: amotoki)
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