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[Openstack-security] [Bug 1849624] Re: ceph backend, secret key leak

This actually hasn't merged yet.  It's been approved but has been stuck
in the gate due to circumstances beyond Cinder's control.

** Changed in: cinder
       Status: Fix Committed => In Progress

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  ceph backend, secret key leak

Status in Cinder:
  In Progress
Status in OpenStack Security Advisory:
  Won't Fix
Status in OpenStack Security Notes:
  Fix Released

Bug description:
  Cinder + ceph backend, secret key leak

  Conditions: cinder + ceph backend + rbd_keyring_conf set in cinder
  config files

  As an authenticated simple user create a cinder volume that ends up on a ceph backend,
  Then reuse the os.initialize_connection api call
  (used by nova-compute/cinder-backup to attach volumes locally to the host running the services):

  curl -g -i -X POST https://<cinder_controller>/v3/c495530af57611e9bc14bbaa251e1e96/volumes/7e59b91e-d426-4294-bfc5-dfdebcb21879/action \
      -H "Accept: application/json" \
      -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
      -H "OpenStack-API-Version: volume 3.15" \
      -H "X-Auth-Token: $TOKEN" \
      -d '{"os-initialize_connection": {"connector":{}}}'

  If you do not want to forge the http request, openstack clients and
  extensions may prove helpful.

  As root:

  apt-get install python3-oslo.privsep virtualenv python3-dev python3-os-brick gcc ceph-common
  virtualenv -p python3 venv_openstack
  source venv_openstack/bin/activate
  pip install python-openstackclient
  pip install python-cinderclient
  pip install os-brick
  pip install python-brick-cinderclient-ext
  cinder create vol 1
  cinder --debug local-attach 7e59b91e-d426-4294-bfc5-dfdebcb21879

  This leaks the ceph credentials for the whole ceph cluster, leaving anyone able to go through ceph acls to get access
  to all the volumes within the cluster.

     "connection_info" : {
        "data" : {
           "access_mode" : "rw",
           "secret_uuid" : "SECRET_UUID",
           "cluster_name" : "ceph",
           "encrypted" : false,
           "auth_enabled" : true,
           "discard" : true,
           "qos_specs" : {
              "write_iops_sec" : "3050",
              "read_iops_sec" : "3050"
           "keyring" : "SECRETFILETOHIDE",
           "ports" : [
           "name" : "volumes/volume-7e59b91e-d426-4294-bfc5-dfdebcb21879",
           "secret_type" : "ceph",
           "hosts" : [
           "volume_id" : "7e59b91e-d426-4294-bfc5-dfdebcb21879",
           "auth_username" : "cinder"
        "driver_volume_type" : "rbd"

  Quick workaround:
  1. Remove rbd_keyring_conf param from any cinder config file, this will mitigate the information disclosure.
  2. For cinder backups to still work, providers should instead deploy their ceph keyring secrets directly on cinder-backup hosts
  (/etc/cinder/<backend_name>.keyring.conf, to be confirmed).

  Note that nova-compute hosts should not be impacted by the change, because ceph secrets are expected to be stored in
  libvirt secrets already, thus making this keyring disclose useless to it.
  (to be confirmed, there may be other compute drivers that might be impacted by this)

  Quick code fix:
  Mandatory: revert this commit
  Optional: revert this one, harmless in itself, but pointless once the first one has been reverted

  Long term code fix proposals:
  What the os.initialize_connection api call is meant to: allow simple users to use cinder as block storage as a service
  in order to attach volumes outside the scope of any virtual machines/nova.
  Thus, information returned by this call should give enough information for a volume attach to be possible for the caller but they should not disclose
  anything that would allow him to do more than that.
  Since it is not possible at all with ceph to do so (no tenant isolation within ceph cluster),
  the related cinder backend for ceph should not implement this route at all
  There is indeed no reason why cinder should disclose anything here about ceph cluster, including hosts, cluster-ids,
  if the attach is doomed to fail for users missing secret informations anyway.
  Then, any 'admin' service using this call to locally attach the volumes (nova-compute, cinder-backup...) should be modified to:
  - check caller rw permissions on requested volumes
  - escalate the request
  - go through a new admin api route, not this 'user' one

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