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[tripleo] Copying tripleo container images to


I just wrote a tool in go that is right now copying every 2 hours all the
containers from rdo registry to

Right now it's copying all branches: master, victoria, ussuri, train,
stein, queens and rocky. You can see the containers in{release} for example

The tool basically searches for container build jobs with success status,
parse the containers that was built, copy these containers to and
tag it with current-tripleo and the built hash.

The code it's based on skopeo, and I did not use it, because there are some
other stuff required on side that requires the use of api,
like create an already public repository, parsing the tripleo container
build job, tagging, etc. Also I wanted to play with go :)

Right now the code is under review at and I got it running on our
toolbox, and he's an log example (without the --debug flag)

time="2020-11-19T12:06:17Z" level=info msg="Copying image
centos-binary-horizon:4fad79713786f77292e59fa1c036f588 in tripleoussuri
time="2020-11-19T12:06:18Z" level=info msg="Tagging current-tripleo to

time="2020-11-19T12:06:19Z" level=info msg="Copying image
centos-binary-ceilometer-base:4fad79713786f77292e59fa1c036f588 in
tripleoussuri namespace"
time="2020-11-19T12:06:20Z" level=info msg="Tagging current-tripleo to

time="2020-11-19T12:06:21Z" level=info msg="Copying image
centos-binary-gnocchi-base:4fad79713786f77292e59fa1c036f588 in
tripleoussuri namespace"
time="2020-11-19T12:06:22Z" level=info msg="Tagging current-tripleo to

If you want to play around with this, feel free to do so, and any feedback
is welcome :)

Kind regards,


Arx Cruz

Software Engineer

Red Hat EMEA <>

arxcruz at
@RedHat <>   Red Hat
<>  Red Hat
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