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[manila] Proposing Maari Tamm for python-manilaclient core

A big +1!  for  Maari's contributions to python-manilaclient

On Thu, Nov 19, 2020 at 5:49 AM Carlos Silva <ces.eduardo98 at>

> +1!
> Maari has been doing a great work on python-manilaclient!
> Em qua., 18 de nov. de 2020 às 18:55, Victoria Martínez de la Cruz <
> victoria at> escreveu:
>> Hi everyone,
>> It's a great pleasure for me to propose Maari Tamm (maaritamm) for the
>> python-manilaclient core group.
>> Maari joined us as an Outreachy intern working on the manila support for
>> openstackclient in December 2019. She excelled at delivering the main task,
>> and she went above and beyond by continuing to contribute with the
>> community even after her internship finished. She now continues submitting
>> enhancements for the different manila components and taking on new
>> challenges as they appear.
>> Not only that, Maari joined us as mentor for the manila project in
>> different efforts we have made: the Open Source Day in Grace Hopper
>> Celebration 2020 and also mentoring for three students from the Boston
>> University that are currently working with us in manila.
>> Maari is a truly valuable member of our team and I believe she will be a
>> great addition to the python-manilaclient core reviewers group.
>> Looking forward to a positive response.
>> All the best,
>> Victoria
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