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[Ussuri] Auto shutdown VM


from my own experience the mismatch happened when someone was playing  
with virt-manager (or other tools) to reboot/shutdown VMs through  
libvirt and not from inside the VM or via openstack. And since nova  
has to catch up at some point this led to a cycle of unwanted shutdown  
events. In my case I know that users were trying to do that via  
virt-manager, does that apply to your scenario, too? Or does libvirt  
show any error logs that would explain unexpected shutdowns?


Zitat von Deepa KR < at>:

> Thanks for the response.
> Any idea what would have caused power state to mismatch in DB.  
> Hypervisors qemu versions are upto date. We have many VMs and seeing  
> this issue with only few VMs(say 3)
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>> On 18-Nov-2020, at 8:57 AM, Mohammed Naser <mnaser at> wrote:
>> This really doesnâ??t mean that the VM is shutting itself down. This  
>> just means that Nova has noticed that the power state of the VM  
>> doesnâ??t match the database one.
>> You would also see this error message in any scenario where the VM  
>> disappeared from libvirt