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[neutron] Mixed VLAN / VxLAN Network


We're getting ready to set up an OpenStack cloud, and I have some questions about networking.  I apologize if this information if available already or if a question like this has already been asked.

We intend to slot it in to a location which uses VLANs heavily.  In particular, our DMZ is on a VLAN, with the subnet's gateway at our firewall.  We plan to use VxLANs within OpenStack.

Is it possible to make OpenStack aware of the DMZ VLAN, so that we can use it in projects?  Is it possible to use the DMZ VLAN without routing through the OpenStack network node(s)?

Thank you,

Dominic L. Hilsbos, MBA 
Director - Information Technology 
Perform Air International Inc.
DHilsbos at