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[octavia] Proposing Ann Taraday and Gregory Thiemonge as Octavia core reviewers

+1. Excellent contributions by both of them -- thank you!

On Thu, Jul 30, 2020 at 6:07 PM Michael Johnson <johnsomor at> wrote:

> Hello Octavia community,
> I would like to propose Ann Taraday (ataraday_) and Gregory Thiemonge
> (gthiemonge) as core reviewers on the Octavia project.
> Both Ann and Gregory have made significant contributions to the
> Octavia code base and have provided quality code reviews. Over the
> last two release cycles Ann has lead the addition of Taskflow jobboard
> support to the amphora v2 driver. Gregory has worked on improving our
> tempest scenario test coverage and enhancing the Octavia OpenStack
> client plugin.
> I think that both would make excellent additions to the Octavia core
> reviewer team.
> Existing Octavia core reviewers, please reply to this email with your
> support or concerns with adding Ann and Gregory to the core team.
> Michael
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