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[octavia] Proposing Ann Taraday and Gregory Thiemonge as Octavia core reviewers

Hello Octavia community,

I would like to propose Ann Taraday (ataraday_) and Gregory Thiemonge
(gthiemonge) as core reviewers on the Octavia project.

Both Ann and Gregory have made significant contributions to the
Octavia code base and have provided quality code reviews. Over the
last two release cycles Ann has lead the addition of Taskflow jobboard
support to the amphora v2 driver. Gregory has worked on improving our
tempest scenario test coverage and enhancing the Octavia OpenStack
client plugin.

I think that both would make excellent additions to the Octavia core
reviewer team.

Existing Octavia core reviewers, please reply to this email with your
support or concerns with adding Ann and Gregory to the core team.