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[cloudkitty][tc] Cloudkitty abandoned?

Posting here to raise awareness, and start discussion about next steps.

It appears there is no one working on Cloudkitty anymore. No patches
have been merged for several months now, including simple bot proposed
patches. It would appear no one is maintaining this project anymore.

I know there is a need out there for this type of functionality, so
maybe this will raise awareness and get some attention to it. But
barring that, I am wondering if we should start the process to retire
this project.

 From a Victoria release perspective, it is milestone-2 week, so we
should make a decision if any of the Cloudkitty deliverables should be
included in this release or not. We can certainly force releases of
whatever is the latest, but I think that is a bit risky since these
repos have never merged the job template change for victoria and
therefore are not even testing with Python 3.8. That is an official
runtime for Victoria, so we run the risk of having issues with the code
if someone runs under 3.8 but we have not tested to make sure there are
no problems doing so.

I am hoping this at least starts the discussion. I will not propose any
release patches to remove anything until we have had a chance to discuss
the situation.