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[neutron] Drivers meeting 31.07.2020 - agenda


For tomorrowâ??s drivers meeting we have couple of items to discuss.
Full agenda is at but below is short summary also.

RFEs: -  [RFE] Add local-ip-prefix to Neutron metering label rules - [RFE]L3 Router should support ECMP 
	This one was already discussed in the past but now we know it can be done (almost) without changes in existing API -  Change the default value of "propagate_uplink_status" to True

We also have 2 items added by Rodolfo to the "On demandâ?? section:
	â?¢ (ralonsoh) a good proposal to improve the DB performance, that could be done in parallel to
	â?¢ (ralonsoh) Improve core plugin extension filtering using the mechanism driver information (in other words: if loaded mech drivers do not support any ML2plugin extension, this extension will be gracefully removed).

Slawek Kaplonski
Principal software engineer
Red Hat