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[largescale-sig][nova][neutron][oslo] RPC ping

> Correct, but heartbeats didn't show off as a reliable solution. There
> were WSGI & eventlet related issues [1] with running heartbeats. I
> can't recall that was the final outcome of that discussion and what
> was the fix. So relying on explicit pings sent by clients could work
> better perhaps.
> [1]

There are two types of heartbeats in and around oslo.messaging, which is
why call_monitor was used for the long-running RPC thing. The bug you're
referencing is, I believe, talking about heartbeating the api->rabbit
connection, and has nothing to do with service-to-service pinging, which
this thread is about.

The call_monitor stuff Ken mentioned requires the *server* side to do
the heartbeating, so something like nova-compute or
nova-conductor. Those things aren't running under uwsgi and don't have
any problems with threading to accomplish those goals.

So, if we're talking about generic ping() to provide a robust
long-running RPC call, oslo.messaging already does this (if you ask for
it). Otherwise, a generic service-to-service ping() doesn't, as was
mentioned, really mean anything at all about the ability to do
meaningful work (other than further saturate the message bus).