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privsep helper command exited non-zero (1) [openstack-dev][kuryr]

On Tue, 2020-07-28 at 12:28 +0000, Niu,Lixin wrote:
> HI List
>        When I run the kuryr, and launch the pods from k8s, I get some
> error like the title.
>         Could you please help me to solve this problem? Please give
> some tips. Thanks a lot.
> 2020-07-28 16:35:22.084 27610 ERROR os_vif [-] Failed to plug vif VIFBridge(active=False,address=fa:16:3e:f2:ff:e6,bridge_name='qbradfc2b63-47',has_traffic_filtering=True,id=adfc2b63-471e-4fc6-b7be-72af56ee1f27,network=Network(652fdbae-281d-4475-b883-dcfecb821cbd),plugin='ovs',port_profile=VIFPortProfileOpenVSwitch,preserve_on_delete=False,vif_name='tapadfc2b63-47'): oslo_privsep.daemon.FailedToDropPrivileges: privsep helper command exited non-zero (1)


This seems pretty vague, but my first bet would be that kuryr-daemon is
not running as root? What's the exact configuration you use - i.e.
Neutron plugin, Kuryr binding plugin (nested vs neutron), are you
running Kuryr services as pods?