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[ironic] let's talk about grenade

Hello everyone,

I'm still on the fight to move our ironic-grenade-dsvm-multinode-multitenant
to zuulv3 [1], you can find some of my findings on the etherpad [2] under `Move
to Zuul v3 Jobs (Iurygregory)`.

If you are interested in helping out we are going to schedule a meeting to
discuss about this, please use the doodle in [3]. I will close the doodle
on Wed July 29.




*Att[]'sIury Gregory Melo Ferreira *
*MSc in Computer Science at UFCG*
*Part of the puppet-manager-core team in OpenStack*
*Software Engineer at Red Hat Czech*
*E-mail:  iurygregory at <iurygregory at>*
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