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October/November PTG Date Selection

Hello Everyone!

We wanted to get your input on the best dates for holding the PTG now that its been annouced that the Summit itself will be virtual[1].

Please fill out the CIVS poll by August 3 at 15:00 UTC. We really appreicate your feedback!

Poll: <>

There are obviously many pros and cons to each option, below are the conflicts/reasons why we might not want to select that option.

Option 0 - Two weeks before Summit (October 5-9)
Conflicts with RC work
External Event Conflicts: None?
Option 1 - One week after Summit (October 26-30)
Halloween on Oct 31
Perfect for release timing but event fatigue is a real concern
External Event Conflicts: Open Source Summit EU, ODSC Open Data Science Conference East Cloud Foundry Summit EU, KVM Forum
Option 2 - Two weeks after the Summit (November 2-6) 
USA Election day on Nov 3; could be a distraction, contributors needing to go vote (whatever that looks like with the virus), news, etc.
Event Conflicts: None?
Option 3 - Three weeks after the Summit (November 9-13)
Pushes far into the cycle (4 weeks after previous release, a bit late, Veterns day/holiday - may affect France and Germany and US)
External Events Conflicts: VMWorld EU

-The Kendalls (diablo_rojo & wendallkaters)

[1] <>

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