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The Open Infrastructure Summit is Going Virtual!

On 7/26/20 9:56 PM, Jimmy McArthur wrote:
> Hey Thomas,
> The controls to edit basic contact info have actually moved to
> OpenStackID (  There are
> still additional fields on and
>, but since OpenStackID also
> works with a number of other services, we moved those common fields to
> OpenStackID account management.
> Please let me know if you have additional questions.  And keep in mind,
> if you update your email address, it will also change your OpenStackID
> login.
> Cheers and let me know if you have additional questions,
> Jimmy

Hi Jimmy,

THanks for your quick answer.

Well, there's a bug then...

When I got to:

under the Email field, it displays which I cannot
edit. Then when I click on SAVE, I'm being told that the email isn't a
valid one (but I cannot edit it...).

As a result, I can never save my updated bio...


Thomas Goirand (zigo)