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[all][tc][glance] Meeting about Glance and WSGI support

On Tue, Jul 21, 2020 at 6:00 PM Nikolla, Kristi <knikolla at> wrote:

> We're trying to organize a meeting between the TC, Glance team and other
> interested people with regard to Glance's merging (and backporting) the
> removal of support from the documentation about the WSGI mode of deployment
> (running Glance under HTTPD/uWSGI)
> Objective of the meeting is to find agreement about the path forward.
> See Etherpad for more context and captured notes. [0]
> The proposed time is this Thursday, July 23rd at 1500 UTC during the
> regularly scheduled TC Office Hours. [1]
> If that time doesn't work for you, and you'd like to participate in the
> meeting please respond to this email and we can work in finding a more
> appropriate time.
> Meeting will be over conference call, unless there are objections.
> Discussion will be captured in the same Etherpad.
> [0].
> [1].
I've scheduled the conf call for us on

The web client should work fine on all platforms so no need to install
anything special to join the discussion.

- jokke
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