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[infra] CentOS support for mirror role in system-config

On Tue, Jul 21, 2020 at 09:30:19AM -0700, Clark Boylan wrote:
> One specific concern along these lines is we've added https support
> to the mirrors.

Another thing I can see coming is kafs support; which requires recent
kernels but is becoming available in Debian.  Just another area we'll
probably want to play in that is distro specific.

> Would RDO expect us to coordinate upstream changes to the mirrors
> with them?

Perhaps we should quantify what the bits are we need?

As I mentioned, I've been shy to move the openafs roles outside
system-config because they rely on debs/rpms built specifically by us
to work around no-packages (rpm) or out of date packages (deb).  I
don't want anyone to think they're generic then we break something
when we update the packages for our own purposes.

There isn't really any magic in the the apache setup done in the
mirror role; it's more or less a straight "install packages put config
in" role.  That argument cuts both ways -- it's not much for
system-config to maintain but it's not really much to duplicate

The mirror config I can see us wanting to be in sync with.  I'd be
happy to move that into a separate role, with a few paramaters to make
it write out in different locations, etc. instead of lumping it all in
with the server setup?

Is that a compromise position between keeping centos servers in
system-config and making things reusable?  Are there other roles of