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[all][tc][glance] Meeting about Glance and WSGI support

We're trying to organize a meeting between the TC, Glance team and other interested people with regard to Glance's merging (and backporting) the removal of support from the documentation about the WSGI mode of deployment (running Glance under HTTPD/uWSGI)

Objective of the meeting is to find agreement about the path forward.

See Etherpad for more context and captured notes. [0]

The proposed time is this Thursday, July 23rd at 1500 UTC during the regularly scheduled TC Office Hours. [1]

If that time doesn't work for you, and you'd like to participate in the meeting please respond to this email and we can work in finding a more appropriate time.

Meeting will be over conference call, unless there are objections. Discussion will be captured in the same Etherpad.