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[release] Release countdown for week R-13, February 10-14

> General Information
> -------------------
> Libraries need to be released at least once per milestone period. Next week,
> the release team will propose releases for any library that has not been
> otherwise released since milestone 1. PTL's and release liaisons, please watch
> for these and give a +1 to acknowledge them. If there is some reason to hold
> off on a release, let us know that as well. A +1 would be appreciated, but if
> we do not hear anything at all by the end of the week, we will assume things
> are OK to proceed.

Thank you to all who have given the explicit go ahead for these releases
so far. We have been able to process the majority of the milestone-2
release requests.

There are still quite a few out there that we will approve tomorrow if
there is no response. Please do let us know if your team is ready for
these to go ahead. If you need a little more time (as in, by very early
next week), please comment on the proposed patch to let us know to hold
off on processing until we've gotten an update from you.