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[nova] API updates week 20-7

Hello Everyone,

Please find the Nova API updates of this week. Please add if I missed any BPs/API related work.

API Related BP :

1. Add image-precache-support spec:

Code Ready for Review:
1. Nova API policy improvement
- Topic:
- Weekly Progress: API till D is covered and ready for review. Fixed 5 bugs in policy while working on new defaults. 
- Review guide over ML -

2. Non-Admin user can filter their instance by availability zone:
- Topic:
- Weekly Progress: Code under review. efried needs to remove his -2 now as spec is merge

3. Boot from volume instance rescue
- Topic:
- Weekly Progress: Code is in progress. Lee Yarwood has removed the WIP from patches so ready for review.

4. Add action event fault details
- Weekly Progress: Spec is merged and code is ready for review.

Specs are merged and code in-progress:
------------------------------ ------------------
- None

Spec Ready for Review or Action from Author:
1. Support specifying vnic_type to boot a server
- Weekly Progress: Stephen summarized the comment about not in scope of nova. I will remove it from this list from next report.

2. Allow specify user to reset password
- Weekly Progress: One +2 on this but other are disagree on this idea. More discussion on review.

3. Support re-configure deleted_on_termination in server
- Weekly Progress: This is old spec and there is no consensus on this till now.

1. None

I started fixing policy bugs while working on policy-defaults-refresh BP. 5 bugs have been identified till now and fix up for review.

NOTE- There might be some bug which is not tagged as 'api' or 'api-ref', those are not in the above list. Tag such bugs so that we can keep our eyes.