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[nova][cinder] What should the behaviour of extend_volume be with attached encrypted volumes?

Hello all,

The following bug was raised recently regarding a failure to extend
attached encrypted volumes:

Failing to extend an attached encrypted volume

I've worked up a series below that resolves this for LUKSv1 volumes by
taking the LUKSv1 header into account before calling Libvirt to resize
the block device within the instance:

This results in the instance visable block device being resized to a
size just smaller than that requested through Cinder's API.

My question to the list is if that behaviour is acceptable given the
same call to extend an attached unencrypted volume *will* grow the
instance visable block device to the requested size?

Many thanks in advance,

Lee Yarwood                 A5D1 9385 88CB 7E5F BE64  6618 BCA6 6E33 F672 2D76