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[infra][neutron] Removing networking-calico from OpenStack governance

Hi David,

On Tue, Feb 11, 2020 at 6:43 PM David Comay <david.comay at> wrote:

> Neil,
> > networking-calico is the code that integrates Project Calico [1] with
> > Neutron.  It has been an OpenStack project for several years, but we,
> i.e.
> > its developers [2], would like now to remove it from OpenStack governance
> > and instead manage it like the other Project Calico projects under
> >
> My primary concern which isn't really governance would be around making
> sure the components in `networking-calico` are kept in-sync with the parent
> classes it inherits from Neutron itself. Is there a plan to keep these
> in-sync together going forward?

Thanks for this question.  I think the answer is that it will be a planned
effort, from now on, for us to support new OpenStack versions.  From Kilo
through to Rocky we have aimed (and managed, so far as I know) to maintain
a unified networking-calico codebase that works with all of those
versions.  However our code does not support Python 3, and OpenStack master
now requires Python 3, so we have to invest work in order to have even the
possibility of working with Train and later.  More generally, it has been
frustrating, over the last 2 years or so, to track OpenStack master as the
CI requires, because breaking changes (in other OpenStack code) are made
frequently and we get hit by them when trying to fix or enhance something
(typically unrelated) in networking-calico.

With that in mind, my plan from now on is:

   - Continue to stay in touch with our users and customers, so we know
   what OpenStack versions they want us to support.
   - As we fix and enhance Calico-specific things, continue CI against the
   versions that we say we test with.  (Currently that means Queens and Rocky
   - As and when needed, work to support new versions.  (Where the first
   package of work here will be Python 3 support.)

 WDYT?  Does that sounds sensible?

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