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[infra][neutron] Removing networking-calico from OpenStack governance

On Tue, 2020-02-11 at 13:36 -0500, David Comay wrote:
> Neil,
> > networking-calico is the code that integrates Project Calico [1] with
> > Neutron.  It has been an OpenStack project for several years, but we, i.e.
> > its developers [2], would like now to remove it from OpenStack governance
> > and instead manage it like the other Project Calico projects under
> >
> My primary concern which isn't really governance would be around making
> sure the components in `networking-calico` are kept in-sync with the parent
> classes it inherits from Neutron itself. Is there a plan to keep these
> in-sync together going forward?
networking-calico should not be inheriting form neutron.
netuon-lib is fine but the networking-* project should not import form neturon directly.