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UC Elections Reminder

Hey All!

Just a reminder that the nomination period for the upcoming User Committee
elections is open.

See the original email below!


Amy (spotz)

The nomination period for the February User Committee elections is now open.

Any individual member of the Foundation who is an Active User Contributor
(AUC) can propose their candidacy (except the two sitting UC members
elected in the previous election).

Self-nomination is common; no third party nomination is required.
Nominations can be made by sending an email to the
user-committee at mailing-list[0], with the subject: â??UC
candidacyâ?? by February 16, 23:59 UTC aa voting will begin on February 17.
The email can include a description of the candidate platform. The
candidacy is then confirmed by one of the election officials, after
verification of the electorate status of the candidate.

Criteria for AUC status can be found at If you are
still not sure of your status and would like to verify in advance
please email myself(amy at and Rain Leander(rleander at
as we are serving as the Election Officials.


Amy Marrich (spotz)

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