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Galera and haproxy fail; keystone error 'Lost connection to MySQL server during query'

Database Connections are kept open for one hour. Timeouts on haproxy needs to reflect that. Set timeout to at least 60 minutes.

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On Feb 10, 2020, at 9:04 AM, Albert Braden <Albert.Braden at> wrote:

Can anyone help with this galera issue?

If I run galera without haproxy and point everything to 1 server, it seems to work fine, but we want to load-balance it with haproxy. After setting up haproxy we had lots of errors in nova, neutron and keystone, but I got rid of those by setting haproxy timeout values to 10 minutes. The remaining errors are in keystone. In /var/log/keystone/keystone-wsgi-public.log I see â??Loaded 2 Fernet keysâ?? every 5 minutes and this is frequently accompanied by a mysql error 'Lost connection to MySQL server during query'

I tried changing various config items in haproxy, galera and keystone, but nothing seems to help. How can I fix these errors?


Haproxy config:<;!!Ci6f514n9QsL8ck!x4V2c3Ar0WBo_5ECE5wOFh-JHypGv45o5SAQWiCOQZPtHMKHHLMvAI92Q-bBbKxEwg$>

Mysql timeout values:<;!!Ci6f514n9QsL8ck!x4V2c3Ar0WBo_5ECE5wOFh-JHypGv45o5SAQWiCOQZPtHMKHHLMvAI92Q-YO341YRQ$>

Keystone config (minus commented lines):<;!!Ci6f514n9QsL8ck!x4V2c3Ar0WBo_5ECE5wOFh-JHypGv45o5SAQWiCOQZPtHMKHHLMvAI92Q-bsHPT2GA$>
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