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[neutron] Bug deputy report Feb 3-10

Nate bug deputy notes - 2020-02-03 to 2020-02-10

It was a very quiet week - almost half of these were filed today, this report
was looking very short as recently as yesterday.  Thanks to amotoki for the next
shift as bug deputy.


- "Neutron try to register invalid host to nova aggregate for ironic routed network"
    * URL:
    * Version: stable/stein
    * lajoskatona responded to the bug but I was not able to reproduce it; I
      don't have an ironic setup to verify the bug report.


- "Neutron incorrectly selects subnet"
    * URL:
    * Marked Incomplete by haleyb but there is still a significant chance there
      is a real issue here, it might just be in the SDK as opposed to neutron.
      Waiting for reported to respond.


- "Fullstack tests failing due to "hang" neutron-server process" (slaweq)
    * URL:
    * Unassigned

- "Fullstack tests failing due to problem with connection to the fake placement service"
    * URL:
    * Assigned: lajoskatona
    * Fix proposed:

- "Sometimes VMs can't get IP when spawned concurrently"
    * URL:
    * Version: stable/stein
    * Assigned: obondarev

- "[OVN] Reduce the number of tables watched by MetadataProxyHandler"
    * URL:
    * Assigned: lucasgomes


- "[OVN] functional test test_virtual_port_delete_parents is unstable"
    * URL:
    * Assigned: sapana45


- "placement in neutron_lib could not process keystone exceptions"
    * URL:
    * Marked as duplicate of (lajoskatona)


- "Add RBAC for subnet pools"
	* URL:
	* Cross-project with the nova team, nova has a patch up for their part.

Last week's report by tidwellr: