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[cinder][nova] volume-local-cache proposal cross-project meeting

On Thu, Feb 6, 2020 at 21:40, Brian Rosmaita 
<rosmaita.fossdev at> wrote:
> Liang Fang's volume-local-cache spec has gotten stuck because the 
> Cinder team doesn't want to approve something that won't get approved 
> on the Nova side and vice-versa.
> We discussed the spec at this week's Cinder meeting and there's 
> sufficient interest to continue with it.  In order to keep things 
> moving along, we'd like to have a cross-project video conference next 
> week instead of waiting for the PTG.
> I think we can get everything covered in a half-hour.  I've put 
> together a doodle poll to find a reasonable day and time:

Something is wrong with the poll. I'm sitting in UTC+1 and it is 
offering choices like Monday 8:30 am - 9:00 am for me. But the 
description text says 13:30-14:00 UTC Monday-Thursday.
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, 13:30 - 14:00 UTC works for me. The 
02:30-03:00 UTC slot is just in the middle of my night.


> Please take the poll before 17:00 UTC on Saturday 8 February.  I'll 
> send out an announcement shortly after that letting you know what 
> time's been selected.
> I'll send out connection info once the meeting's been set.  The 
> meeting will be recorded and interested parties who can't make it can 
> always leave notes on the discussion etherpad.
> Info:
> - cinder spec:
> - nova spec:
> - etherpad:
> cheers,
> brian