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[charms] modular deployment

Hi James, thanks for that.. I will check this out, this might do the trick from briefly checking it over.. 


Best regards,



From: James Page < at>
Date: Thursday 6. February 2020 at 12.13
To: Florian Rommel <florian at>
Cc: "openstack-discuss at" <openstack-discuss at>
Subject: Re: [charms] modular deployment


Hi Florian


On Thu, Feb 6, 2020 at 10:03 AM Florian Rommel <florian at> wrote:

Hi, we are starting to look into deploying Openstack with Charms ,however there seems to be NO documentation on how to separate ceph osd and mon out of the Openstack-base bundle. We already have a ceph cluster so we would like to reuse that instead of hyperconverging.


Is there any way do do this with charms or do we need to look into openstack ansible?



This is not a typical deployment but is something that is possible - you can use the ceph-proxy to wire your existing ceph deployment into charm deployed OpenStack:


Basically it acts as an intermediary between the OpenStack Charms and the existing Ceph deployment.





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