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[charms] modular deployment

Hi Florian

On Thu, Feb 6, 2020 at 10:03 AM Florian Rommel <florian at>

> Hi, we are starting to look into deploying Openstack with Charms ,however
> there seems to be NO documentation on how to separate ceph osd and mon out
> of the Openstack-base bundle. We already have a ceph cluster so we would
> like to reuse that instead of hyperconverging.
> Is there any way do do this with charms or do we need to look into
> openstack ansible?

This is not a typical deployment but is something that is possible - you
can use the ceph-proxy to wire your existing ceph deployment into charm
deployed OpenStack:

Basically it acts as an intermediary between the OpenStack Charms and the
existing Ceph deployment.



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