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[kolla] Repository setup in non-internet environment.

Hello Eddie.

> On 6. Nov 2019, at 13:28, Eddie Yen <missile0407 at> wrote:
> 1. Docker-ce repository.

Use an APT mirror. For example Aptly.

> 2. Pip repository. 
> (Also having others perhaps.)

Packages from Pypi should no longer be necessary for the use of Kolle-Ansible. For some time now.

If that's still the case, use a Pypi Mirror. For example Devpi.

The Docker images can also be mirrored. Use a local Docker registry to do this.

The use of an HTTP proxy like Squid is also possible. This proxy must have online access.

The use of Nexus OSS is also a possibility. Then you only have one central mirror service.

If you want to build completely offline you can't avoid single mirrors for the single packages (Docker, APT, Pypi).

We provide a role under to deploy individual mirror services with Docker Compose. 

> Does Kolla planning to support non-internet deployment? I would like to do this if possible.

This is already possible and we do this very often.

HTH, Christian.

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