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[kolla][ptg] Kolla Ussuri PVPTG (Partially Virtual PTG)

On Wed, 30 Oct 2019 at 17:26, RadosÅ?aw Piliszek
<radoslaw.piliszek at> wrote:
> Hello Everyone,
> As you may already know, Kolla core team is mostly not present on summit in Shanghai.
> Instead we are organizing a PTG next week, 7-8th Nov (Thu-Fri), in BiaÅ?ystok, Poland.
> Please let me know this week if you are interested in coming in person.
> We invite operators, contributors and contributors-to-be to join us for the virtual PTG online.
> The time schedule will be advertised later.

After polling participants, we have agreed to meet at 1400 - 1800 UTC
on Thursday and Friday this week. Since not all participants can make
the first hour, we will adjust the schedule accordingly.

Marcin will follow with connection details for the Zoom video conference.

Please continue to update the etherpad with potential topics for
discussion. I will propose a rough agenda over the next few days.


> Please fill yourself in on the whiteboard [1].
> New ideas are welcome.
> [1]
> Kind regards,
> Radek aka yoctozepto